conversation in the laundry room

I’m moving my stuff from the washer to the dryer. A girl I’ve never seen before walks in with a laundry basket.

Me: Hi.

Her: Hi. Finished with the washer?

Me: Yes. All yours.

Her: Thanks.

Me: I’m Reuben, how are you.

Her: Lisa. Hi.

Me: Are you a new arrival to our fine apartment building? This is our first laundry encounter.

Her: I moved here not long ago. I live with my boyfriend Tom.

Me: Great, welcome. I also live my boyfriend, who’s also named Tom!

Her: [Smiling, finally] Oh. Um, I don’t really have a boyfriend, I thought you were hitting on me.

Me: [As I walk out with my clothes] I don’t really have a boyfriend either, and I was hitting on you.

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