free microwave – plateau area


Microwave. Acquired in 2002 from a friend in Dallas who had just
purchased it but then moved into an apartment with a built-in one.
Works perfectly, except that after approximately 50 seconds at high
power, it bursts into flames.

Although at first this is alarming, you will soon learn that you have
three to four seconds of warning with flashes of light and that
“bzzzzt” sound before the right side explodes into a ball of fire and
burning plastic. The fire is easily put out by turning off the
microwave and blowing out the flames. On only one occasion have I had
to use my fire-extinguisher equivalent (windex), and the inside
needed cleaning anyway.

This microwave is perfect for heating up things that need less than
50 seconds. I have been using it mostly to melt butter. Now that I
have a new microwave, this gem of a japanese appliance is looking for
a new home. Goes to the first person who can carry it away.

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