Divert very important emails to SMS

Use a filter to forward to your cell phone SMS email address. You may not realize that your cell phone has an SMS email address, but it probably does.

For example, in gmail, first set up the forwarding address by going to settings¬†and then forwarding and POP/IMAP. Click on add forwarding address, enter your cell phone SMS email address; if you use AT&T it’s 2128675309@txt.att.net. You’ll have to confirm that this address is yours by entering the verification code.¬†Then search on from: Barack Obama. If the search results are what you’re looking for, hit the more button and select create filter. Make any necessary refinements to the search term and then select create filter with this search. In the filter window that appears, select forward to and then choose the SMS email address you just added. Now every time Barack Obama emails you, the email will appear in your inbox and as a text message.

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