the poem

this photo was taken as I was reading a poem scott (the groom) wrote about his bride to be and sent to me some years ago. He later told me that he was so humiliated that for several hours afterward he forgot that he had just gotten married.

To Carlie
by Scott Brandt
December 2000

I sit here naked,
more drunk than horny
and think about you.

Drunk, I like to think about you.

In the blurry haze of the moon
I will imagine your face and your laugh.
Your body pressed close againt mine.
Your breaths rapid.
My desire reflected in the core of your eyes.

The feeling of fulfillment
tinged with excitement and fear.
Fear of commitment.
Fear of compromise.
Fear of stasis.

Ah, the sweetness of your breath,
enveloping and inviting.
Calling me to your spirit.
What is a song without dissonance?
What is life without sorrow?

The honey is bitter
and the vinegar sweet.
You dream sweet bliss in my arms.
The moon smiles.