May 16, 2002

Senior film crew and actors,

The reason I am writing you all this is because I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for putting everything you've got into this film for the past four months.

No one, besides us, will ever know how hard we all worked on this project. people will tell us tomorrow (or today by the time you get this) that they know how hard it was, but they don't.

We should all be very proud of what we have accomplished as a team. I guess I'm writing this now, because I can't really say it out loud tomorrow night (Reuben has told me I shouldn't brag, and that would be bragging).

It is so amazing how things work out. when I think back on the way this movie came together it reminds me of a puzzle. what I mean by this is that a puzzle is not complete unless every piece is in its proper place. and i somehow believe these pieces will never come together again the way they did for us...

we had actors (shaine, peleg, eric, kyle, carrie) who were willing to stay in dallas and film the most brutal schedule ever, a production manager (alisa) who stepped in and kicked some serious ass just because I asked her to, editors (seth and brandon) who locked themselves in a room for months and went thru the miles of minidv tapes we gave them everyday, a director (asad) who put up with my shit everyday and never walked off the set (ok, you all deserve this honor, but I gave it to asad), and a writer (reuben) who sat at his computer and finished the script, even though he knew we were fucking it up every single day.

So, before I get too cheezy and start kissing you all on the lips, I would just like to say, again, thanks.


Ps and for once and all: fuck, fuck, fuck, cocksucker, fuck, god damn, fuck, fuck