Scene 2


Black screen with recognizable 1970s song playing [eg Give Me One More Chance by the Jackson Five] for 5-10 seconds. Cut to spartan hallway in a professional building. Camera shows young Richard Cartright [7-10 years old] with mom, hair and makeup overdone with tight-fitting fashionable 70's habiliments. Richard is bouncing off the walls with mom attempting to control him enough to keep them moving forward toward a door with the prosaic shingle "Dr. J. MacDonald, Family Medicine."


Slow motion from the perspective of young Richard: Mom and Richard's hand turn doorknob and open the door and the camera slowly surveys the room. Closest to Richard and looking at him with a repulsive family reunion smile is an overweight middle aged woman with a fulminant viral upper respiratory infection.  The rest of the small waiting room is littered with sick kids and their exhausted parents, a couple of wheelchair-bound amputees and at least one person scratching a explosive rash on his face and neck. As the camera pans across the room, it incidentally passes by a prominently displayed hairy teratoma, encased in a clear plastic container and preserved in formalin.


Back to real time, still from Richard's viewpoint. Mom pulls Richard to the sliding glass window, which from Richard's perspective is too high to see anything but the two foot high afro of the receptionist on the other side. Mom slides open the glass door and grasps the clipboard, signs in, hands back the clipboard.


Receptionist (Okem)

we hear but do not see

Have a seat, we'll call your name when Dr. Mack is ready to see you.


Receptionist leans over the divider to look at Richard. Wow is his afro huge. Gold chains, enormous collar, shirt unbuttoned to midabdomen, etc.



Wasssup Richie - gimme five little man.


Enormous hand comes to Richard, nearly covering the entire screen as it approaches from Richard’s POV. Cut to full-room view, Richard slaps receptionist’s hand.


Camera pans to normal view of room, Mom drags Richard to two empty seats next to overweight URI. They sit down, mom grabs a plastic-covered People magazine with some beautiful actress on the cover. Richard sits next to overweight URI who wipes her nose with her hand and then fondles Richard's head and cheeks.


Overweight URI

Oh you are just so cute!



Not looking up from her magazine

What do you say, Richard.



Thank you.


Back to Richard's view. He is looking around the room, observing the tired poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The camera shows Richard contemplating this sight - he is intrigued. Back and forth the camera goes, until it lands back on mom reading the magazine.



oblivious, reading magazine

That Goldie Hawn is such a doll.


she looks up, to the distance, daydreaming


I could have been actress.


She closes her eyes, plays with hair, obviously imagining fame and fortune. She is coming out of her reverie, and addresses Richard, smiling and thinking aloud.


Richard, I had to take my silly job because daddy is a postman. I'll bet Dr. Mack’s wife can do whatever she wants. I would have been an actress.


She is looking at Richard, nostalgic, thinking about the life that could have been.



Richard Cartwright?


Mom gathers her belongings.  Richard takes another look at the overweight URI, who is still looking at him, snot coming out of one of her nostrils. She reaches out to touch Richard again and he shocks her by taking her hand in his own, caressing it in a paternal almost doctorly way.



He looks into her eyes with a maturity well beyond his years

Hope you feel better ma'am.


Overweight URI stares at him, touched and impressed.


Richard and mom follow nurse into the back hallway; nurse gives Richard a urine cup.



smiling in that way only nurses can

Do you know how to use this, Richard?


Richard stares at the nurse, holding the cup, and is led to a bathroom. Camera cuts to floor level with the cup on the ground occupying most of the screen. Music changes to something rowdy and virile. Urine starts falling all around the cup, hitting the sides and a little actually filling the cup. Camera pans to a shot of the bathroom door and a nurse outside. Richard opens the door and emerges holding the cup, one quarter filled with urine and the entire exterior of the cup soaked in fluid, dripping onto the floor. The nurse puts on her biggest smile yet takes the disgusting cup with bare hands fully aware but not bothered that it’s covered in urine.


Cut to patient room #6, with Richard in tighties sitting on the examining table, making noises with his behind by sliding around on the paper. Mom is in a chair with another magazine. Dr. Mack walks in.


Dr. Mack

Good Morning! Hi, Julie.

Dr. Mack lets his gaze linger on Julie. He then puts on his fake child/excited face

Hey there-

Dr. Mack has forgotten the name of the patient, he glances down at the chart



Dr. Mack gives Richard a high five. Mom’s eyes light up when Dr. Mack walks in the room. Though he is one dorky doc, She gazes longingly at him.


Dr. Mack

So I hear you’ve got some belly pain, eh Richie?



Not really.



Yes you do honey.


Mom smiles at Dr. Mack.


Dr. Mack

Bragging to Mom while he performs an abdominal exam on Richard

You know I can tell what’s wrong with most kids just by smelling them.



Smitten, wishing she were getting examined

I know you can, Dr. Mack.


Silence as Dr. Mack fondles Richard while his head is turned mom, looking seductively at her. Mom is still seated but is so turned on she’s having trouble containing herself. More silence. Richard looks at the camera, wondering what’s going on.



Breathing heavily

You know it’s funny Dr. Mack. I haven’t been feeling so well myself lately.


Dr. Mack

Of course a good physician is concerned not only with his patients' health, but must always look after the well-being of family members.


Dr. Mack is now caressing Richard’s lips with his fingers as he continues to gaze at Mom.



Still seated, staring at Dr. Mack, nearly panting

Yes I’m really in quite a bit of pain.


Dr. Mack

Perfectly straight-faced

Of course you are. I think you are going to need a very thorough physical examination. Luckily through that door we have a room specially equipped to handle patients in quite a bit of pain.


Mom walks into the next room and Dr. Mack follows, both of them utterly ignoring Richard. View of Richard sitting there, expressionless.


Dr. Mack

From the other room

So you have pain everywhere, do you?


Mom giggles.


Richard is looking around the room, and suddenly his gaze lands on Dr. Mack’s stethoscope on the counter. Music changes. He is mesmerized. He hops off the table and over to the stethoscope. He approaches it cautiously, with awe. He picks it up, handles it, looks at it from all angles.


Dr. Mack

From the other room

Do you have any tenderness here?


Mom giggles. Richard is momentarily distracted, and glances in the direction of the other room. He then notices the otoscope/ophthalmascope and walks over, amazed by these contraptions that heal. He examines the otoscope/ophthalmascope.


Dr. Mack

From the other room

I better examine that.


Mom giggles. Richard is again distracted, and begins walking toward the other room, but then notices the sphygmomanometer. He examines it with a very satisfied look on his face.


Dr. Mack

From the other room

We’re going to need to get you into a hospital gown.


Mom giggles with special vigor. Richard walks away from the sphygmomanometer and slowly approaches the door to the next room, which is partially open. Richard is now at the cusp of seeing through the aperture. As the room comes into view, the volume of the music increases and he sees Dr. Mack standing with his eyes closed and shirt unbuttoned, mom with shirt hiked up making her way down Dr. Mack’s bared chest with her mouth.


Cut to black,  music continuing.