Scene 13 is filmed in montage fashion. Music starts to a black screen, and the same song will play through the entire scene. Gradually fade in to Richard trying to study biochemistry. After a few moments Skeeter walks in, bored. He circles Richard's room; Richard glances at him but tries to ignore it and continue studying.


Cut to Carolyn trying to study at the table in the living room at night. Debbie stumbles in drunk, alone, pulls up a chair facing Carolyn, and starts talking exuberantly to her.


Cut to biochemistry class. Dr. Peterson is lecturing, and on the screen is a computer model of an enormous molecule, slowly spinning.


dr. peterson

This is a-beta-lipoprotein lipase.

He turns to face the screen, reverently

Is it not beautiful?


Cut to Becker studying. He works efficiently. Mom walks in and leaves a plate of piping hot spaghetti and meatballs next to him. He completely ignores her and the food, continuing to study.


Cut back to biochem class and Dr. Peterson staring at a-beta-lipoprotein lipase.


Dr. peterson

Soon you all will be prescribing drugs that affect the way this protein behaves.

He turns back to the class

Now who here would feel comfortable doing that, without knowing which bonds lie in which planes?


Dr. Peterson stares out over the audience for a few moments.


Cut to empty podium in front of auditorium. Dallasized hot chick confidently walks up and displays her election poster, "HEATHER VAN NOSS FOR CLASS PRESIDENT" She speaks like a cheerleader.


HEATHER van noss

Hello everybody! I'm Heather Van Noss and I want to be YOUR class president!! Woooo-hoooo!


Cut to stud studying. He's drawing in his biochem book. Close-up to biochem book. He was underlining sentences, when one of his underlines became an elaborate, beautiful doodle that he continues to work on.


Cut to Meredith Bylington studying. After a few moments, three tiny kids run in and distract her.


Cut to studette studying. After a few moments, the phone rings, and without her eyes leaving the book, she answers it. A moment after she says hello, her eyes light up and a big smile comes over her face. She has received a call from some guy she's interested in. She greets him sheepishly and kicks her feet onto her desk, work forgotten.


Cut to podium occupied by Becker. In front of the podium is a typeset "BECKER STEVENSON: THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR CLASS PRESIDENT"



This class needs leadership that will lead us into the twenty-first century. Bold leadership. Confident leadership.


Cut to stud studying. We hear a bird tweeting while he tries to study. After a few moments, he looks up at the bird outside. As the bird chirps, he stares at it and falls into a daydream. [[how on earth we're going to get a bird to stay on a branch, I have no idea.]]


Cut to Shoopa studying.


Cut to embryology. Playboy-like mustached professor is drawing on the overhead. As he draws a freeform blob, he identifies what he's drawing.


playboy prof

This structure here will fuse with this structure to form the spinal cord. Now this midline structure here will, in the right chemotactic milieu, migrate cephalad and form the brain.

He draws an enormous blob.

This structure will become the female clitoris.


Cut to Richard studying.


Cut to stud studying, with bare feet up on his desk. After a few moments of reading he notices some hair on his toes, and begins to pluck it.


Cut to podium, on the ground is one of Richard's election posters. Richard is obviously intimidated by the crowd.



We need a president who understands you guys.


Cut to stud studying, highlighting. After a highlight he tries to balance his highlighter on its end, and is totally distracted by this challenge.


Cut to Carolyn studying.


Cut to stud studying. After a few moments, he looks at his plant, distracted. He gets up and goes offscreen as camera hold the plant. He comes back and waters the plant.


Cut to podium, chinese guy finishing his election speech.


Chinese guy

with requisite accent

Vote Chen for president!!!


Single Chinese guy in the back of class jumps up and down, screaming support. In response, speaker jumps up and down, screaming.


Cut to biochem class. Dr. Slaughter is lecturing; on the board in huge letters is "EXAM TOMORROW  8:00AM" On a table in front of the class is a beaker filled with something making a lot smoke.


Cut to rapid-fire sequence of everyone seen so far cramming furiously. Cups of coffee abound.


Cut to Carolyn studying, then suddenly slamming the book closed, she's done. She closes her eyes, pulls her hands through her hair, and breathes deeply.


Cut to Richard studying, stressed out.


Cut to Becker studying, with Wally, late. Mom, in nightgown, brings in cookies.


Cut to outside of Gooch, morning of the test. A dozen students who clearly haven't slept are cramming in some last bits of information just outside the door.


Cut to students filing in and sitting down.


Cut to students taking test, pencils on scantrons. Andy Boyd sneezes heroically and startles everyone. Richard's Coke bottle is nearly full.


Cut to hours later, Coke bottle nearly empty, everyone still taking the test. Dan Kim is looking at his neighbor's test.


Cut to Richard taking the test, looking stressed. He bubbles in the last answer and puts his pencil down. Cut to black, music stops.